Ciencias de la vida

“High resolution imaging of the cytoplasmic side of bacteriorhodopsin”

“Three bacteriorhodopsin trimers have been highlighted (white rounded triangles) for clarity.”

“Example of single-cell force spectroscopy using FluidFM”

“In the FluidFM control software, a cell can be selected by placing a cross-hair over it. After this, the cantilever is automatically moved over the cell and spectroscopy starts.”

“AFM imaging of type I collagen fibrils”

“The collagen topography was recorded in static mode using a Nanosensors PPP-XYCONTR cantilever.”



“Electrochemical AFM with rod-like samples: Cu deposition on a commercial Pt electrode”

Copper clusters electrodeposited on platinum and platinum surface after copper stripping (3 μm × 3 μm, vertical range 100 nm).

“Oxygen-free EC-AFM experiments with Electrochemistry Stage ECS 204”

“Steady-state cyclic voltammograms of glassy carbon electrode mounted in Electrochemistry Stage ECS 204 as measured in 0.1 M NaOH (red) in open cell with as-prepared solution and (black) in deoxygenated solution.”

Ciencia de Materiales


“AFM image of a residual imprint produced by a nanoindenter. Reprinted with permission from Inorg. Chem. 54 (2015) 683, Figure 15. Copyright © 2015 American Chemical Society.”

“Characterization of pyrene nanosheets by AFM”

“3D topography of single pyrene nanosheet.”


“AFM force spectroscopy on a polymer blend”

3D topography of the PS-PB blend overlaid with the stiffness map derived from the force-distance curves recorded on the same area.

“Phase imaging of a SBS-PS polymer blend”

“Topography (top row) and phase images (bottom row) at scan ranges of 2 µm (left column) and 1 µm (right column) of a spin-cast SBS-PS blend film on mica.”


“KPFM using the Nanosurf FlexAFM”

“KPFM signal (top) and simultaneously recorded Topography data (bottom) are shown.”

“Quantum dots”

“The white particles are 30nm large Q-dots.”


“Bulk copper deposition on gold studied in an EC-AFM application using the FlexAFM”

“Deposition of Cu on a Au surface. Scan range: 800 nm x 800 nm.”

“Molecular structure of a self-assembled monolayer”

“Imaging of 2D crystals of dotriacontan and octadecanol molecular layers prepared on HOPG.”


“Nanosphere Lithography”

“Spheres on surface 5×5µm image, z-range: 200nm. With courtesy of: Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences, National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung, Taiwan”

“Polished sapphire”

“Polished saphire, recorded in dynamic mode.”

Microscopía Térmica de Barrido (SThM)

“Scanning thermal microscopy”

“Temperature shown as color overlay on the 3D topography.”

“Thermal conductivity of polymer-embedded carbon fibers”

“Themal conductivity image of polymer-embedded carbon fibers. The cantilever temperature is qualitatively shown as the thermocouple voltage. A lower voltage corresponds to a higher thermal conductivity.”