“Additional amphivasal bundles in pedicel pith exacerbate central fruit dominance and induce self-thinning of lateral fruitlets in apple.”


“Scanning electron microscopy of AZ in L1 pedicels at 21 DAP. Cell wall and middle lamella degradation is observed in the separation layer.”


“Mice overexpressing CD97 in intestinal epithelial cells provide a unique model for mammalian postnatal intestinal cylindrical growth.”


“The megaintestine phenotype in Tg(villin-CD97) mice develops postnatally before weaning at the age of 3 wk, Tg2 mice started to gain in length and weight of the small intestine (n=10/strain, mean ± SEM).”

“Fire ants actively control spacing and orientation within self-assemblages.”


“Scanning electron microscopy images of (A) an ant tarsus, (B) a connection to a leg made using an adhesive pad, (C) a connection between a mandible and a leg, and (D) a connection involving both claws and adhesive pads.”


SEM image (5200×) of the AuNpCµF modified electrode prepared by the standard procedure.

 “EDAX spectra of the AuNpCµF modified electrode.”


“Preparation of Simvastatin-β-Cyclodextrin inclusion complexes using coevaporation technique .”


“Scanning electron microphotographs of (a) simvastatin, (b) β-cyclodextrin, (c) physical mixture of simvastatin with β-cyclodextrin, and (d) inclusion complexes of simvastatin with β-cyclodextrin.”



“Formate Oxidation-Driven Calcium Carbonate Precipitation by Methylocystis parvus OBBP.”


“SEM images and EDS spectra of M. parvus OBBP culture in 5 g of calcium formate liter−1.”

“The importance of growth kinetic analysis in determining bacterial susceptibility against antibiotics and silver nanoparticles.”


“SEM-EDX image of Ag(0) nanoparticles (0.006%, w/v) attached to cell debris in Enterococcussp.cultures.”

“Recent Reticulate Evolution in the Ecologically Dominant Lineage of Coccolithophores.”


“SEM images of the 5 new Noëlaerhabdaceae isolates and of other representative strains of Gephyrocapsa and Emiliania huxleyi.”

“Post Processing and Biological Evaluation of the Titanium Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering.”


“As made scaffolds with designed pores size equal: 200 µm (a); 500 µm (b); 200+500 µm (c) and exemplary images of scaffolds polished in HF baths: 200 µm—3%/1 min (d); 500 µm—1%/3 min (e); 200 + 500 µm—3%/6 min (f).”


“Thrombin Generation in Zebrafish Blood.”


Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of blood clots.”

“Clinical trial and in-vitro study comparing the efficacy of treating bony lesions with allografts versus synthetic or highly-processed xenogeneic bone grafts.”


SEM of human osteoblasts seeded on BioOss® after 1 week’s cultivation producing a typical bone matrix structure (magnification 795x and 1980x).”


“Effect of sandblasting on surface roughness of zirconia-based ceramics and shear bond strength of veneering porcelain.”


“Backscattered Electron Images of the characterizations of zirconia-porcelain fractured surfaces (245×).”

“Effect of Storage Time on Microtensile Bond Strength of Self-Adhesive and Multi-Step Resin Cements to Dentin.”


” Representative SEM image of fractured specimen from AllCem group (dentin side). Note open tubules with resin tag of Ambar adhesive. Black arrow: dentin tubule open.


“Dynamic Fracture Behaviors of Selected Aluminum Alloys Under Three-point Bending .”


“Backscattered electron micrographs of fracture surfaces of 2024-T4 specimen (10.000X).”

“Growth of Horizontal Nanopillars of CuO on NiO/ITO Surfaces.”


“SEM images of NiO porous nanostructure deposited using chemical bath deposition on top of ITO coated glass plate.”

“Light-Fueled Microscopic Walkers.”


“SEM image of a microwalker lying upside down. Scale bar is 10 μm.”

“Metal Injection Molding (MIM) of Magnesium and Its Alloys.”


“SEM micrographs of thermal debound and sintered MIM specimens after 64 h sintering time using PE-VA copolymer.”