Celdas fotovoltaicas

Corrosión y recubrimientos

“Corrosion of reinforced concrete”

“Scheme of realkalisation method.”

“VASP : An innovative and exclusive technique for corrosion monitoring”

“Bode impedance diagram for fs frequency determination.”

“Electrochemical Noise Measurements: II – ASTM assessment on a real electrochemical system”

“Electrochemical noise resistance for AISI 1018 steel in 0.1 M citric acid obtained using a VSP-300.”

“Corrosion current determination with mass transfer limitation”

“Steady-state log |I| vs. E curve for the BP dummy cell.”

Celdas y bioceldas de combustible

“Cycling battery with reference electrode by using the PAT-cell test cell ”

“Voltage and current profiles of the overall experiment. The blue line corresponds to the positive half-cell voltage, the red line to the negative half-cell voltage, and the green line to the full cell voltage.”

Espectroscopía de Impedancia de Materiales


“Calculation of the platinum’s active surface”

“10th cycle isolated from the curve with oxydo-reduction specificities for platinum.”